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Arrow Database Settings

 In order to view scheduled reports, the web part needs access to the Arrow database.  One way to set this up is to set the Arrow database connection string to use Windows integrated security mode (Windows Authentication).  If you use integrated security, remember, the user that logs in to SharePoint has to have access to the Arrow database.

 Another way to configure access to the Arrow database is to specify a connection string that uses a specific account that always has access to the database (SQL Server Authentication).  If you use this method, then anyone that has access to scheduler web parts will be able to use them, so you will have to control who can access those web parts from SharePoint.

Web.config ChangesEdit section

See the Web.config file here:

As for the web.config changes, here’s what we do. 

  • We add SafeControl entries for ArrowWebParts and Windward.RunReportActivity (workflow assembly). 
  •  We use .NET 3.5 AJAX, requiring the web.config to be configured to enable AJAX 3.5. 
  •  We define the following CAS policy in our solution package.  These are basic permissions to allow our web  parts to run.



    <PermissionSetclass="NamedPermissionSet"version="1"Description="Permissions for ArrowWebParts">

      <IPermissionclass="AspNetHostingPermission"version="1"Level="Minimal" />

      <IPermissionclass="SecurityPermission"version="1"Flags="Execution" />

      <IPermissionclass="WebPartPermission"version="1"Connections="True" />

      <IPermissionclass="System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission, mscorlib, Version=,           Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089"version="1"Unrestricted="true" />







  •  We use DevExpress web controls, requiring an httpHandlers and httpModules entry.
  •  Finally, we store a few variables in the web.config: license in the appSettings section; database connection string in the connectionStrings section; and default value relay in WindwardArrow section.

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