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<Step 01: Preinstallation | Step 03: Deploy the Arrow Solution>

1. Copy the the installer file (InstallArrow2007.exe OR InstallArrow2010.exe) to your SharePoint front end web server (WFE). Execute the installer as a local machine administrator. You only execute the installer on one server, not all web front-ends.

  • NOTE: If UAC is enabled and you are using an older version of Arrow, see How to run SetupArrow.msi as administrator.
  • NOTE: When the installer starts, you may receive the following prompt to install J# Redistributable 2.0:



If you receive this prompt, SetupArrow.msi will also stop the execution of the installer and display the following step. Click Finish to exit the installer. Then return to pre-installation task 1 and install the J# 2.0 Redistributable Package.

2. When the Welcome step appears, click Next.

3. When the End-User License Agreement appears, select "I accept..." if you accept the terms in the License Agreement, and then click Next.


4. When the Custom Setup step appears, select the location where you want to install Arrow. Then click Next.

5. When the SharePoint Solution Deployment step appears, select "Yes, automatically add the solution now" to have the installer add arrowwebparts.wsp to the farm's solutions. Click Next to continue.

6. When the SharePoint Service Credentials step appears, select "Yes" to install the scheduler service. Enter the credentials for the Windows user account that scheduler will run under.

7. You only install the scheduler once for an entire instance of Arrow.

8. When the Ready to Install step appears, click Install.

9. When the finish step appears, click Finish to exit the installer.


<Step 01: Preinstallation | Step 03: Deploy the Arrow Solution>

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