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<Step 05: Configure Arrow license | Step 07: Enable DevExpress controls>

  1. Open the SharePoint Central Administration page.

  2. Click on 'Application Management'.

  3. Under the 'Windward Arrow Management' section, click on 'Arrow Database'.

  4. Create the Arrow database

    1. Click 'Create an Arrow Database'.

    2. Enter the name of the SQL Server database server.

    3. Choose with credentials to use to create the database.

    4. Click 'Create'.

    5. A connection string will also be displayed. Save this connection string!

    6. Click 'Close'.

  5. Set the Arrow database connection string

    1. You can view an example of a complete web.config file here: web.config sample.

    2. Open the web.config file(s) for the web application to which you have deployed Arrow.

      1. ALWAYS backup your web.config file before modifying.

      2. The web.config file is usually located in a directory under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories. The directory name corresponds to the web application's port and name.

      3. There is a copy of the web.config file in the same location on each front-end web server in the farm. Each one must be edited with the changes for Arrow.

    3. Locate the <configuration> element.

    4. Locate the <connectionStrings> element within the <configuration> element. If the <connectionStrings> element does not exist within the <configuration> element, add it. For example, you can add the following on the line below the </configSections> tag:

    5. Locate the connection string that was generated when you created the Arrow database in step 5.4 "Create the Arrow database", above.

    6. Paste the connection string for the Arrow database into the web.config file in the connectionStrings section. This is an <add/> tag with the attributes name, connectionString, and providerName. For example, if the connection string is "Data Source=MyServer;Initial Catalog=Arrow;Integrated Security=True", the <connectionStrings> element should look similar to the following:

    7. You can use the connection string that was generated when creating the Arrow database, or you can use a custom one.

<Step 05: Configure Arrow license | Step 07: Enable DevExpress controls>

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