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Using Arrow Menus


The easiest way to run and schedule your reports is right in your document library. 


Arrow provides a menu on documents that you can use to run and schedule reports.  You can even view the reports right from the document library, or create report definitions from existing templates.


Viewing Reports in a Document Library

To view a report in a document library, click the View Report as HTML or View Report as PDF menu.  The report will pop up in a new window with the latest information.


Scheduling Reports

To schedule a report, click the Schedule a Report menu. This will launch the scheduling wizard in a new window. When you are finished you can click close or just close the window.


Other Reporting Menus

Arrow's other reporting menus are described in the following sections.

Insta-Run Reports

If you just want to run the report in one of its default formats, use the insta-run options such as Insta-Run to PDF.  This will instantly run the report with the latest information and save the report in its default location.


Run a Report

Run a Report will create a report just like the Insta-Run menus, but it will allow you to change the report destination and select different input values for report variables such as dates and invoice numbers.


Assemble a Report

The Assemble a Report menu is an administrative tool for creating report definitions from templates in a document library.  Warning - this option should only be used on templates, not data or report definition files.

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