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Welcome to the Arrow User's Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Windward Arrow, a SharePoint reporting and business intelligence solutions.

  • Arrow extends SharePoint into a unified, comprehensive and easy-to-use system that lets a community of users easily and securely design, run and share critical business reports.
  • The easiest way to run and schedule your reports is right in your document library.
  • A data profile contains information about where data is located.
  • AutoTag is the design tool component of Arrow.
  • When you assemble a Windward report, you are selecting a report template and telling it where to "grab" the data to populate the report (i.e. which data profile to use).
  • The Run A Report webpart lets authorized users run reports in real time.
  • Schedule reports to be run automatically, whenever they are needed.
  • The Arrow allows you to display a report as a dashboard inside of a SharePoint site, allowing you to design your dashboard in Office and publish it to the web.
  • Windward provides a workflow action for Nintex workflows.


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