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Development Environment

  • SharePoint development VM with at least 40 GB disk - preferably 70 GB to include space for updates, Office, DevExpress, Telerik, your favorite development tools, and possibly other software.
  • J# 2.0 Second Edition 64-bit. I repeat - Second Edition - 64-bit.
  • Visual Studio 2010.

First Build

  • Download the source.
  • Copy the devexpress and telerik assemblies to arrow\lib.
  • Make files*.wxs writable if necessary.
  • Run msbuild arrow.proj /t:all.
  • The build should complete with no errors. You should now have msi files in arrow\dist.

Swapping Windward Engines

  • Copy the new Windward assemblies to arrow\lib.
  • Change the version numbers in version.cs and version.wxi.
  • You should be able to build against the new Engine now.


Build Tools and Files

version.cs and version.wxi

These files contain various version numbers. Generally, these are assembly version numbers corresponding to the version of the engine that you are building against. However, ARROWMAJORVERSION_STR is the assembly version number used for Arrow web parts assemblies. This is only changed on major version iterations because web parts have to be deleted and then redeployed whenever switching between assembly versions.


ArrowVersion updater updates the version numbers in a number of files that are not compiled, including .aspx files and .webpart files. For more information, please refer to the ArrowVersionUpdater project and the arrow.proj msbuild script.


Mallow is a helper tool that updates the wix input files for building the msi files. In arrow.proj deploy targets, you can see that input files are copied to arrow\setup. The setup targets instruct mallow to update the wix\files*.wxs files with all of the input files. Mallow updates the files and then adds a comment at the top of them, indicating any changes, or that no changes were made compared to the previous state recorded in the file. Mallow will not detect changes unless you change what files are copied to the setup directories.

Check any changes made by mallow, and leave one of its "no changes detected" comments at the top.

The setup targets will fail if the wix\files.wxs files are not writable by mallow.


Wix is a tool for creating windows installers. It generates the msi files. See the setup targets in the arrow.proj msbuild script.

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