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This step is only for Nintex 2007 Workflow users.

Windward provides a workflow action for Nintex workflows.  This lets you generate and email a report as an automated action in the workflow.  To use the workflow, you will need to download and install Nintex 2007 Workflow, which you can get at  Please see the Nintex documentation for instructions on installing Nintex 2007 Workflow.

Once Nintex is installed, the custom Windward action can be added.

  1. Add the Run Windward Reports Action to Nintex

    1. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Nintex Workflow Management > Manage Allowed Actions > Add Action.

    2. Click "Import Workflow Action".

    3. Browse to the RunReportNWAction.nwa file, for example, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\NINTEXWORKFLOW\WindwardActions\RunReportAction\RunReportNWAction.nwa

    4. Click Show Details and verify the data has been loaded.

    5. If you want to add the Run Windward Reports action to your Commonly used actions group, change the value of "Show In Common Actions" to "Yes".

    6. Click OK at the bottom.

    7. Reset IIS.

  2. Enable the Run Windward Reports Action

    1. Go to the site where you have activated Nintex Workflow, open the Site Settings page and click on "Manage allowed actions".

    2. Find the "Run Windward Reports" action and check the checkbox to enable the action in Nintex Workflows.  You may have to click "Switch to admin view" at the top of the page to show all actions.

    3. Click OK at the bottom.

  3. Enter the License

    1. Copy the ArrowLicense app setting from the web.config where Arrow has been activated. E.g., <add key="ArrowLicense" .../>.

    2. Paste the ArrowLicense app setting into your machine.config appSettings element.  You may have to add the appSettings element.  E.g.,



              <add key="ArrowLicense" .../>



    3. Reset IIS and restart the Windows SharePoint Services Timer windows service.

<Step 12: Restarting your computer | Installing Arrow>

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