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Workflow Reports


Windward provides a workflow action for Nintex workflows. 


This lets you generate and email a report as an automated action in the workflow.  For more information on using Nintex workflows, please see the Nintex documentation.

 Using the Run Windward Reports Action

 Locate the Run Windward Reports action in the Windward Actions section of the Workflow Actions sidebar.


Drag the Run Windward Reports Action onto the blue pearl where you want it to run in the workflow.  Then select Configure from the action drop down.

Select a report definition to run, a document library to save the reports in, and an output format.


The remaining parts are optional, and will be described in the following sections.  When you are finished configuring the action, click Save.


The Run-For Query


The Run-For Query is a query to a database.  The report will be run once for each record returned by the Run-For Query.  You must specify the Connection String, the type of adapter to use (MS SQL, ODBC, OLEDB), and the query itself.


Using Map To Column


Most fields in the Configure Action dialog are entered directly. You will notice that some fields have a Map To Column checkbox.  Checking Map To Column will cause the field to use a value from the query instead of a hard-coded value.  For example, if your query returns a field named EmailAddress, you can enter "EmailAddress" in the Email To field and check Map To Column to use the EmailAddress field values from the query.


Email Settings


The email settings consist of five fields: Mail Server, From, Email To, Subject, and Body.  Enter the name of your email server in the Mail Server field.  Enter an email address in the From and Email To fields.  Enter descriptive text in the Subject field, and also in the Body field.  (For information on using the Map To Column field in the Email Address, see the Using Map To Column section).


Report Variables (Parameters)


If the report requires you to enter input variables such as a date, name, or account number, you will see a set of fields for each input variable at the bottom of the Configure Action dialog.  Enter a value for each variable.


You may instead enter a Run-For field, and check Map To Column (see the Using Map To Column section).


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